Features to Lookout for When Buying Luggage

Traveling luggage are designed and crafted using different materials. While some are known to exhibit some features and strong attributes, others are known to be exhibit poor characteristics which makes for a bad traveling luggage. The key to finding a good quality traveling suitcase for all your trips is to get familiar with the different types of materials including their advantages and disadvantages. In this article, you learn all that is required of you to choose a high quality best carry on luggage.


Different traveling bags are designed and manufactured using different materials. In this section, we will examine some of the popular materials used in designing and sewing baggage considered to be the best lightweight luggage for air travel.

leather material for luggageLeather – for many years, leather has remained one of the most popular and long standing materials that hundreds of luggage has been designed and manufactured with. Among the many advantages that makes leather suitable for use in producing luggage are the benefits that it has a long life span, looks and feel good to the eye and to touch and also is pretty tough to get damage easily. The two common types of leather used in making baggage are the full-grain and top-grain. While the former offers the highest quality and is also very tough and durable solely because its never been buffed or sanded

fabrics for making bagNylon and Fabric – luggage that are designed with Nylon and Fabrics makes an excellent traveling bag if you intend to check it on and not carry it on. Under this category, the popular known types are the Cordura and ballistic nylon. The ballistics are sleek, very tough with high resistance to wear and tear while the Cordura a pretty high resistance to scratches. Luggage that are made from nylon are known to be very light in weight, not easily mildew and are very affordable. Another important factor about nylon traveling bags is that they not only adapt the shape of contents being packed into them, but they also adapt the shape and structure of their storage compartment thus making it pretty much easy to be able to fit them into the overhead storage bins of most airlines no matter how small and tight the confinement are. Baggage design with these type of material are well known to be an excellent choices when looking for traveling suitcases that are super light in weight.

The Fabric used in the interior

Before deciding to buy any luggage, be sure to give the interior a close scrutiny to ensure that fabric material used is not only of a very high quality but also has the ability of repelling dust and lint, and also feels smooth to touch. You should stay away from denier polyester because although they are very cheap and super affordable, it is usually

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